Behind the Scenes

What We Do

We turn wool into fantastical creatures! We make fine wool felted characters using an age-old traditional method of "one-piece felting" by hand. We have designed and created 18 original toy characters, named "The Filzkins", each with its own inimitable personality. There are no stitches nor seams, neither are they stuffed. Our character figures are "solid wool" sculptures. The Filzkins have a realistic and animal-like quality with a charm of their own. They are made only by the two of us and usually to order (unless we happen to have some in stock). We've been making The Filzkins by hand since 2003 and we hope to continue to do so as a high standard of craftsmanship is important to us.

Each Filzkin is unique, made individually by hand from hair-like fibres of combed merino wool. Using a traditional process, it takes time and skill to make a "one-piece" felted item in 3D.

Our Filzkins toy creatures, are a toy for life.

We Also


Believe ...

in handmade and craft-making. We believe that some forgotten, age old processes and skills are worth keeping and revitalising. We believe that making things by hand is good for the soul. We believe in a toy for life. A Filzkin will stay with you into adulthood and be passed down through generations.


Care ...

about safety. Our felt is made from 100% natural fibre and dyed with non-heavy metal dyes in Germany, under strict OEKO-TEX safety guidelines. The Filzkins are child safe. Using only natural soap and water to shrink the wool in the process, the Filzkins are made with love and respect for the environment.


Customise ...

Another bonus of designing and making on such a personal scale is that you can have your item customised. So if you want Boris in pink or Pink Dawg in green, you can! Just get in touch and ask.


Illustrate etc.

We are from a background in Illustration and animation films and have made a variety of props for T.V. Productions (see our work in our Sebold's sketchbook page). We are always open to enquiries.