How The Filzkins Are Made

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Bringing a Filzkin to life

To make a Filzkin is quite a project. We start by making rough inspirational drawings of a character from all angles in order to get a full 3D view. We choose the colours and start the process of felt-making. This can take up to two days as there are two main stages, dry assembling and wet felting in a bath of soapy water. Slide through the photos here to see.

The birth of a new Filzkin is a wonderful thing, as no two characters are ever the same, a new Enoch may look like a nephew or cousin to the last but never a clone. So your Filzkin will be unique.That's why we give each one it's own numbered tag.

Where we sell them

Watch our video

Here is a short video of the making of a Filzkin. This "Blue Bunny" was custom made for Baby Jonathan in Berlin, Germany.