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Who are they?

It all started a long, long time ago. Far out in the universe, where one would expect nothing to exist at all, there were a few vital elements floating around. H2O, better known as water, BBF1 (fluff) and C17H35COONa (soapy flakes). The incredible force of atmospheric turbulence, worked rather like a tumble dryer, mixing these three elements together creating this wonderful soapy planet.
In the great darkness of the cosmos, the tumbling woolly fluff mixed with the compounds of soapy water particles, causing an enormous colour festival! It must have been a magnificent sight.
This planet, offered the perfect conditions for the birth of a new life form, the Filzkins. The Filzkins are made mainly of fluff that had floated away, unnoticed, over many thousands of milworth, from other planets including our very own Planet Earth. The early ancestors probably named their planet O’Sudds because of the vast, deep oceans of bubbles and soapy water that sloshed about there. Made of soft woolly fluff and air, the Filzkins are gentle and lighthearted beings. They are inquisitive and have some rather peculiar habits.