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Who are they?

On a distant planet far out in Space, a new life form emerged - created from the floating clouds of wool and fluff (leftovers from the Earth and other planets) which tumble gently about the universe. This fluffy residue combined with particles of H2O and soapy alkaline flakes to cause a chemical reaction that brought to life, with a delicious pop, the species we know today as the Filzkins.
The early ancestors named their planet O’Sudds - probably due to the vast, deep oceans of bubbles and suds that sloshed about there.
As a species, the Filzkins were naturally inquisitive and adventurous, and before long they had organised an expedition to find out more about the other planets winking so mysteriously at them in the sky. They landed on planet Earth by accident when their space bubbleship steered wildly off course and burst as it entered the atmosphere. Throughout their travels and travails, they remained a rich mix of characters - all with their own distinctive personalities, abilities and talents.